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Koyo Singapore Bearing (Pte) Ltd (KSBP). is the one of the sales affiliate in Asia for JTEKT Corporation (Former Koyo Seiko, merged with Toyoda Machine Works) a leading manufacturer of ball and roller bearings, automotive steering systems, drive line products and machine tools.

Our sales operation covers from countries in the South East Asia like Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, South Asia like India, Sri Lanka and more.

Koyo Singapore Bearing (Pte) Ltd Operations
Mission Statement

Koyo Singapore Bearing (Pte) Ltd. contributes to “Safety, Comfort and Environment” in the world by providing the product and services as a trading company of JTEKT products with global view.

KSBP Quality Policy

Through commitment to Quality, JTEKT supply products that will delight our customers.

In order to achieve, we must;

  • Judge and Act Quickly from customers’ perspective
  • Execute built-in-quality of design and manufacturing utilizing creativity and good ideas of our team members


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